Colin (ryalt) wrote in cyber_warfare,

Posted By N. Noftle

I think that with the ever-expanding global prowess of not only the internet, but within that, peer to peer file sharing, and other various types of file sharing programs, the definition of cybercrime will have to remain an ever changing one. I do not think that we as a country could set specific laws governing computers and their use, and have those laws last for more than a few days, a few weeks maximum.

The computer security software providers like Norton's and McAffee stay in business because they have an equally powerful adversary. The hacker. One really boosts the others growth potential. Think about it, if you were able to get rid of all the viruses on the net, and make it impossible for anyone to hack anyone elses computer, these companies would lose billions of dollars a year. Cybercrime is the crime of the future, and its doing pretty well right now. Growing at exponential rates, there is always the thrill of hacking a system that couldn't be hacked, or changing the grades in your college classes, or something even more beneficial to the hacker, hacking banking files and profiting off of it. Our laws will have to stay flexible, and be adapted to every case on a by-case basis.
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